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Boiler Operational & Management Solutions

Looking to increase profits? One solution is finding a better way to manage your boiler. Reliable, efficient boiler control is essential for smooth plant operations; however, keeping a complex steam generation process in balance poses a constant challenge: steam loads change as production demands fluctuate, fuel variations add to changing complexity, unforeseen equipment malfunctions can result in costly process upsets and fuel costs continue to rise.

How can your boilers become a key part of your facilities’ strategy to increase plant efficiency, reduce process upsets and minimize manufacturing costs? Will your control system be easy to update and maintain?

Our answer is the Boiler Operational & Management Solution, a proven method for optimizing gas or oil-fired boilers. Our solution provides optimal management of combustion, feedwater, drum level, stack oxygen, and steam header pressure. Precise, automatic control will enable you to maintain steam pressure, which enhances plant efficiency.

The Boiler Solution provides customized engineering operation and management for gas or oil-fired boilers. Implementation scope can include:

  • Steam header pressure
  • Boilermaster for loading individual boilers
  • 3-element drum level control
  • Air and fuel metering with cross-limits
  • Stack oxygen trim
  • Options for burner management interface, simulation, etc.
  • Damper and drive modifications
  • Field instrumentation and control valve modifications
  • Operator training
  • Documentation on design, operation, startup, maintenance, and tuning
  • Technical support

Want to determine how much our Boiler Operational and Management Solution will save your plant? Contact Neil Shoemaker at Control Southern Inc. for a no charge boiler site assessment.

DeltaV SIS


Designed specifically to increase the overall reliability of the entire safety function, the DeltaV SIS system also benefits from the proven ease of use of our industry-leading DeltaV digital automation system.

PlantWeb architecture smart SIS solution

The DeltaV SIS system takes advantage of the PlantWeb architecture's digital communications and smart diagnostics within field devices to increase the availability of the whole of the Safety Instrumented Function.  Scheduled partial-stroke testing of final control elements can improve the safety level, reduce the number of risky personnel trips into the field, and increase the mandatory proof test interval.


DeltaV SLS 1508 logic solver

Key DeltaV SLS 1508 logic solver capabilities include

  • 24V DC redundant power
  • 16 channels per logic solver in any combination of HART AI, HART AO, DI, and DO
  • Line fault detection on all I/O
  • Separate I/O processor and CPU
  • Redundant CPU processor
  • 50 ms execution
  • Upgradeable under power
  • -40° to 70° C (compliant with NAMUR NE 21 temperature rating)
  • ISA G3 (corrosion environment rating)

Flexible architecture for any size

Whether you have an isolated boiler or a large ESD application, the DeltaV SIS system can provide the safety coverage you require. The modular logic solver hardware scales in sizes of 16 configurable I/O, so you automatically add memory and CPU every time you add a logic solver. The days of running out of memory or CPU power are over.

Integrated but separate

With a DeltaV digital automation system as your basic process control system, choosing a DeltaV SIS system provides the integrated engineering and operating environment you've always wanted - while maintaining separation of safety-critical elements as required by IEC standards.

Integration with other systems or applications is also available using OPC or Modbus.

Available redundancy

You can increase the availability of your safety loops with a redundant pair of SLS logic solvers. Features include separate power, separate logical addresses, a dedicated redundancy link, and CRC checking on every scan.

Intuitive software

A full palette of smart function blocks designed specifically for SIS functions is available for your smart SIS solution. Special blocks like XooY voter blocks reduce what used to be pages and pages of ladder to engineer, test, and commission into a simple drag-and-drop configuration activity. You also get

  • Built-in alarm state engine per EEMUA 191 standard
  • Built-in sequence of events handler
  • Optional operator interface
  • Off-line simulation
  • Built-in bypass handling
  • Built-in override bundling
  • Automatic compliance to IEC 61511

The DeltaV SIS system delivers version control and audit trail (VCAT) within its software and the AMS" Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software to help simplify process manufacturers' compliance with IEC 61511.  Changes are recorded in the DeltaV SIS system, including date, time, author, or respective alarm level.  Plant Messenger will direct the events with corrective actions to the relevant department by e-mail, text message (SMS), or pager.  Plant Event Historian will automatically document all the events.

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Other Busses
Business Integration
Fieldbus Overview

Fieldbus technology is fundamentally changing the economics of process automation. Since 1997, the DeltaV system and PlantWeb architecture have delivered big savings in engineering, installation, commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance to companies across the globe.

The world's only interoperable fieldbus, FOUNDATION fieldbus adheres to strict, open standards. And because the DeltaV system was built on these standards, it's the only system built for total operations interoperability.

In order to supply robust solutions for secure deployment in plants, the foundation conducts testing at their laboratories. Should the device pass the tests of the foundation, the device is then marked as 'Registered' and is listed at the foundation's site.

When a device is registered by the foundation, we take an extra step. The device is connected to our DeltaV system and subjected to interoperability testing under conditions likely to be experienced in a plant. Take a closer look by viewing a Photo Collection or the Fieldbus Interoperability video.

Devices that have passed our interoperability testing are available for use in the DeltaV library. The Device Downloads utility is available to help you quickly check which devices have been tested. You'll be able to download any files you need which are not already included in the DeltaV device library in your DeltaV Explorer. To find fieldbus components such as power supplies, termination blocks, and repeaters, review the Third Party Products listing.

Fisher-Rosemount Systems is among the first suppliers to pass the Fieldbus Foundation's Host Interoperability Support Testing (HIST). Visit the Host Testing section to see how these tests help deliver on the commitment to true, standards-based interoperability.

FOUNDATION fieldbus offers a wealth of security to meet the process industries' most demanding applications. Many intelligent field devices offer backup communications (link active scheduling, LAS) to ensure to fieldbus segment continues to run in the event loss of a DeltaV H1 interface. In addition, the DeltaV system offers dual redundant H1 interface cards for yet another level of system security to handle the toughest applications. See Backup LAS and Redundant Fieldbus Interfaces videos available in See for Yourself.

Beyond FOUNDATION fieldbus, the DeltaV system's "built-for-bus" architecture supports AS-i bus, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP to deliver big savings for your discrete application needs. Visit the Other Busses section to learn more.


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