AMS 6500 Re-designed to Deliver Improved Visibility to Asset Health 24/7

For some rotating assets and the processes associated with them, periodic route-based data collection is insufficient to indicate asset health. Online condition monitoring provides the frequency and types of data necessary to stay on top of developing issues during normal operations and to respond quickly to sudden changes during transient conditions. Emerson’s AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is a versatile, scalable system that can be deployed in a variety of configurations and now with re-designed prediction hardware it delivers even more functionality.

While the overall architecture and functionality of the AMS 6500 system have been maintained, the re-designed hardware card provides many enhancements and benefits including:

  • Fully meets RoHS and REACH international standards
  • Extends Product Lifecycle by eliminating AMS 6500 obsolete components with refreshed hardware and firmware
  • Transient hard drive is now a faster, more reliable solid-state drive
  • Prediction card is simplified by merging the main processor and transient on a single board
  • Improved system performance- faster booting, up to 10x faster reading transient files, more efficient communications, and runs cooler
  • Includes IEC shock and vibration environmental qualifications
  • Includes IEC EMC qualifications

Ordering Details

  • Re-designed AMS 6500 Prediction is compatible with AMS Machinery Manager 5.61 or higher
  • Re-designed AMS 6500 Prediction cards are backwards compatible with existing AMS 6500’s
  • New cards plug into same racks and have the same part numbers as previous racks so no changes in ordering is required to purchase a system with these re-designed cards
  • Re-designed cards can be ordered separately by using A6560R for AMS 6500 Prediction card and A6560RT for the new transient processor
  • Starting January 1st 2018, all AMS 6500 Prediction systems will ship with Modbus and PeakVue included as a standard part and will not need to be ordered separately.

AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor
AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor online monitoring provides frequent measurements 24/7 so you are “always aware” of asset health. Online monitoring is always in place and ready to collect data, especially during transitional states such as start-ups, during commissioning and coastdowns.

Emerson’s condition monitoring systems provides: 

  • Adaptive monitoring technology using state-based acquisition and state-tracked history
  • Order tracking analysis
  • Flexible prediction monitoring setup with a wide selection of analysis features
  • Fast data collection – each Emerson online system is equivalent in speed to the AMS 2140 route-based collector with all channels updated in as little as a few seconds
  • Data vetted against multiple collection types: – Alert-based collection – Percent change-based collection – Periodic collection – State-based collection, such as speed
  • Transient data collection such as the onboard DCR (Digital Condition Recorder) that acts as a “black box” with FIFO archiving of data, or permanent storage of short transient events based on alert, scheduled or manual selection.
  • Live data mode for reviewing data in real time.
  • Transient data collection
  • PeakVue™ technology for detecting mechanical failure using PeakVue values and waveforms.
  • Exception Reporting

Click here to see AMS 6500 and AMS 6500 ATG Product Data Sheet 

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