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Remington Valve is a leading solutions provider of metal seated ball valves for every application across all critical service industries
Remington Valves provide the highest flow rates and lowest cost of operation in the industry. Their valve designs optimize internal components, providing lower torque and optimal flow through all valves.
R-Series Features
Remington Valve

R-Series Features

  • Ball & Seats:  Both made from the same material to match thermal expansions
  • Lapping:  Automated lapping process laps both sides of the ball to Class VI shut-off
  • Coating:  Proprietary HVOF and Spray & Fused coatings, with cutting edge technology
  • Stem:  Blowout proof stem with surface hardening to prevent galling
  • Articulating Gland Flange:  Spherical engagement allows for equal load distribution on packing
  • Spring:  Allows for thermal expansion and provides a constant mechanical seal
  • Grafoil Packing:  Premium die-formed with Anti-extrusion rings – Live loaded
  • Vacuum Testing:  To ensure Class VI shut-off prior to installation
  • ASME B16.34:  All valves built to ASME B16.34 requirements
A Game Changer in the Power Industry
R-Series: In-Line Repairable

A Game Changer in the Power Industry

The R-Series is a three-piece, fully in-line repairable valve with a removable body and easily accessible trim set. The R-Series can be customized with different end connection materials to match piping needs. Remington has solved any joint leak problems with their proprietary gasket design. The TF gasket uses up-to-date technological advances to provide sealing in the the most difficult applications.

R-Series Applications:

  • High temperature
  • High pressure
  • Hot reheat spray
  • Main turbine drain
  • Soot blower header 
  • Super-heater spray
  • Main steam supply
  • Boiler feed pump
  • Boiler drains
  • Feed water drains
  • Above and below seat drains 
  • Attemperator spray block
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Remington Valve Product Applications

R-Series and J-Series handle applications in Corrosive, Abrasive, Slurry, Extreme Pressure, Catalyst, Chemical and Petrochemical applications. 
Metals & Minerals Mining
Metals & Minerals Mining
M-Series and J-Series handle applications in Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry.
Power Generation
Power Generation
S-Series, R-Series and E-Series handle applications in power generation. In-line repairable, automated relief valve systems, solids, ash-handling block and isolation valves. 
R-Series, J-Series and C-Series handle specific applications from isolation to welded end valves, catalyst handling, J-Series for high alloy customized valves and C-Series for double block and bleed designs.