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Our Partnership with Emerson Our Partnership with Emerson
Emerson Trained and Certified. Tangible Solutions. Measurable Outcomes.

Emerson Trained and Certified. Tangible Solutions. Measurable Outcomes.

Your local Emerson Impact Partner is factory certified and connected to the full
breadth of Emerson products, solutions, and enterprise expertise leveraging
proven technologies and methodologies to help solve the most complex and
urgent automation challenges.
Emerson Impact Partner Network Brochure

Delivering Business Impact with Local Partners you can Trust

  • Capacity to serve as singular point of contact to access the full breadth of Emerson products, services and solutions
  • Access to world-class automation and application expertise
  • Integrated solutions provided by Emerson
  • Emerson trained and certified
  • Local regardless of location¬†
  • Stability and consistency in risk management¬†
  • Delivers on Emerson promises with integrity & responsibility
Integrated Solutions
One point of contact, leveraging a wealth of integrated technologies, integrated project and support services, and Emerson-certified expertise to help you manage budget constraints, streamline project management and realize business results in the most effective way.
Rapid Response Services
When your operations are down, you can trust Emerson Impact Partners to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible to ensure continued operation and avoid budget overruns.
Inventory Availability
Need a critical part or product, you can trust Emerson Impact Partners to provide what you need quickly and painlessly. Emerson Impact Partners maintain a locally tailored inventory of Emerson parts and products for fast, seamless device repair or delivery of critical replacements or upgrades.
Planned Services
You can minimize downtime for scheduled maintenance activities by working with Emerson Impact Partners to manage your planned shutdown schedules, leverage the needed resources and follow through to ensure continued operational success.
At Control Southern, we have the right technology, consultants, and expertise to help you create the right solutions!
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