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Hot Water Systems Hot Water Systems
Ensure efficient and reliable hot water system performance while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Ensure efficient and reliable hot water system performance while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

The hot water system is a critical part of many HVAC systems, therefore it is important to select the most reliable valves, instrumentation, boiler control systems and machinery health condition monitoring systems to ensure optimal performance.

Whether the energy source for heating water is from a district energy distribution system or from an onsite boiler, we have the applications expertise, control solutions and services to keep your hot water system running efficiently, safely and reliably.

Our problem-solving valves and measurement instrumentation improve energy efficiency and optimize performance of hot water systems.

The controllability of the hot water system is only as good as the performance capabilities of the measurement instrumentation and valves you choose. You can rely on the applications engineering experience and HVAC expertise of Control Southern to assist with the proper sizing and selection of valves and instruments to ensure safe, reliable and energy efficient performance. Together, we offer the full portfolio of Emerson modulation and isolation valves, valve actuators and measurement instrumentation for HVAC applications.

Modulating valves with high turndown ratios optimize chilled water flow and temperature control performance.

The min/max flow rates through the chilled water system can vary widely as outdoor temperatures swing from season to season. The high turndown ratio and precision control capability of Emerson's Fisher™ Vee-Ball™ rotary modulating valves ensures optimal energy efficiency and performance of your hot water system. Typical hot water applications include:

  • Pump minimum flow bypass control
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger temperature control
Precision sub-metering of hot water or steam usage by tenants.

The use of Rosemount™ precision vortex flow meters allow a facility to accurately sub-meter steam or hot water usage by tenants. When used with pressure and temperature instrumentation, increased precision can be achieved by compensating for changes in steam density. Some additional benefits of the Rosemount vortex flow meter are:

  • Isolated sensor allows replacement without shutting down the line
  • Internal signal generator allows for electronics verification of the flow meter's accuracy and proper operation
  • Potential leak points are eliminated due to the gasket free design
  • Rosemount’s reducer overcomes the flow measurement challenge of oversized piping

Reduce boiler fuel costs and emissions while improving control and operation with Emerson's DeltaV™ Standard Boiler Solution.

Many commercial and institutional facilities use boilers to produce steam or hot water for heating. Boilers are typically major users of energy, therefore maximizing fuel efficiency is critically important.

Control Southern specializes in providing Emerson instrumentation, valves and control systems for medium and high-pressure commercial and industrial boilers that produce steam above 15 psig or hot water above 160 psig;or 250°F.

Our DeltaV Standard Boiler Control Solution provides a pre-engineered control strategy for gas-fired or oil-fired (and optionally dual fuel combination) boilers. The configuration complies with NFPA 85 - Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code and uses Emerson's best engineering practices. It includes feedwater, single element and three element drum level controls, plus combustion controls with a boiler master demand, parallel metered air and fuel, and oxygen trim with dynamic excess air correction. Steam header pressure control is standard with the solution and additional boilers can be easily added.

How can controls improve the boiler process?

Improvements are often needed to reduce cost of fuel, stabilize upsets in operation, or to comply with NFPA code requirements. Emerson's DeltaV Standard Boiler Control Solution addresses these challenges and many more including the ability to:

  • Improve reliability, response, and turndown
  • Adjust quickly and accurately to variations in demand
  • Reduce fuel usage and lower emissions
  • Increase operator confidence and operate boiler closer to design capabilities
  • Reduce control system engineering and startup costs
Feed water supply control valves and measurement instrumentation.

A feed water supply is essential for boiler operation. For a hot water boiler, the inside should be completely filled with water. For a steam boiler, there should be a headspace left at the top for steam to form. We provide industrial quality Fisher control valves and Rosemount measurement instrumentation for these critical applications. Feed water components usually include:​

  • Fisher easy-e™ globe style feedwater control valves with Rosemount level instruments
  • Fisher pressure reducing valves with Rosemount pressure transmitters

Other boiler related applications ideally suited for Fisher control valves and Rosemount measurement instrumentation include boiler drum level, condensate recovery, and deaerator steam and level control.

Boiler fuel supply gas regulators.

You can reduce unplanned shutdowns by ensuring accurate and reliable fuel supply to your gas fired boilers, hot water heaters and air handlers with fast responding and easy to maintain Fisher fuel and pilot gas regulators.

Energy savings helps reduce carbon emissions
Highly accurate control valves and instrumentation enables optimal performance and improved energy efficiency
Reduce operations and maintenance costs through critical 24/7 online condensate pump performance health monitoring solutions
Improve boiler reliability, response, and turndown
24/7 valve, instrumentation and control systems services by Control Southern Lifecycle Services engineers and technicians
Onsite startup and commissioning services by local factory trained Controls Southern Lifecycle Services engineers and technicians
At Control Southern, we have the right technology, consultants, and expertise to help you create the right solutions!
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