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Emerson Premier Service Provider
Expert Technical Evaluation, Configuration, and Recertification.
Expert Technical Evaluation, Configuration, and Recertification.
As an exclusive authorized Premier Service Provider, we can deliver comprehensive OEM service and support for all Emerson valves, actuators, and/or regulators in their product portfolio.

We also offer repair depot support, field services, plan and execute shutdowns, turnarounds or outages, provide replacement assemblies and technology upgrades, and warranty triage.
Valve & Mechanical Services
Certifications & Locations

Valve & Mechanical Services

  • OEM Certified
  • Emerson Premier Service Provider
  • Member of Valve Repair Council
  • ASME Certified OEM Assembler
  • National Board Certified Test and Repair
Strategic support throughout the lifecycle of your plant
Strategic support throughout the lifecycle of your plant
  • Maintenance services deliver the support and expertise you need to keep your plant operating safely, reliably and economically.
  • Reliability services improve and preserve your asset reliability and investment.
  • Performance services optimize your plant performance and help you achieve your business goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerson has determined that integrating control valve repair into existing Impact Partner service organizations offers a single source valve service network that provides the most comprehensive and efficient means to serve our customers.
The Emerson Impact Partners will now assume the responsibility for the repair and service of Emerson control and isolation valves. A substantial number of Emerson employees have transitioned to the Impact Partners as well as facilities and equipment. 
Emerson has implemented an OEM certification program through which the Emerson Impact Partners will be authorized as Premier Service Providers to repair Emerson control valves, isolation valves, pressure relief valves and actuation to the same standards of quality and safety as the current Emerson Lifecycle Services organization.
The Premier Service Providers model will provide the Impact Partners with OEM processes, procedures, dimensional data and technical resources.  Only Emerson and its’ Premier Service Providers have access to Emerson OEM documentation and technical support.
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