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ProductionManager™ Equipment Module (PMEQ) is the foundational application of the ProductionManager EDGE® suite.
It enables you to define, build, monitor, track and diagnose the equipment installed on your upstream production site. PMEQ allows for operational analysis and diagnostics of onsite equipment, providing a standardized data model that facilitates connectivity for edge, cloud or on-premise SCADA and IIoT.

Once your equipment is configured in PMEQ, you can expect seamless integration with all other applications across the suite. Since PMEQ is object-oriented, it allows you to quickly locate relevant information you need to get the job done.


  • Easy Configuration: PMEQ has a simple, one-time setup. This intuitive system was designed based on feedback from customers just like you for maximum ease-of-use.
  • Flexible Equipment Definitions: Individual objects can be confi gured per your design standards, including: Wells | Separators | Tanks | Aggregates | Trains | Compressors | Flares | User-defined objects
  • Tank Inventory: PMEQ allows for building water and oil tanks with fully API compliant tank strapping tables.
  • Equipment Integration: You can combine common objects such as: Separators into a separation train | Tanks into an aggregate | Combine aggregates into larger aggregates.
  • Message Center: This application displays notifications from all ProductionManager EDGE™ Suite applications in a readable, centralized location. It allows you to view the last 32 events, where results are sorted by application.
  • Utilizing the Enardo™ Venting Volume Analytics add-in to Equipment Module, producers will improve insights into operations and HSE impact to production related to tank venting. In addition to providing statistics such as vent lifts quantity and open time duration, this feature provides estimates of accumulated vent flow volume, specific to the Enardo models/size installed on the tanks.