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Yarway Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps Yarway Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps
Reliable and Proven Steam Solutions
Cast iron, steel, and stainless steel float traps

Reliable and Proven Steam Solutions

The Yarway Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap Series FXT is designed for low to medium pressure steam applications, including unit heaters, heat exchangers, dryers, jacketed vessels and other applications where continuous drainage is essential. This steam trap contains a lever-less float. This float is free of levers, linkages, or other mechanical connections and is weighted to maintain orientation while acting as the valve is free to modulate condensate through the seat ring.

Product Features

  • Unaffected by sudden or wide load and pressure changes
  • Discharges condensate at steam temperature
  • Modulating discharge
  • Excellent air discharge by a Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap air vent

Portfolio Highlights

  • All Stainless-Steel Internal Components, hardened valves & seats, long life and dependable, resists water hammer, corrosion.
  • Erosion Proof, discharge protected with a stainless-steel liner.
  • Integral Strainer, screen prevents dirt problems. Blow-down connection provided.
  • Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap Air Vent, full balanced pressure element for immediate and complete air venting.
  • Variable Orifice, provides a smooth, even flow without high velocity or steam entrainment.
  • SLR Orifice, optional continuous bleed prevents flash steam lockup when it is impossible to install trap at low points.
Yarway Steam Traps include robust cast iron, steel and stainless-steel float traps with thermostatic air vents for applications in various industries including refining, chemical, food and HVAC. Universal steam traps are also available with the Yarway Universal Connectors.
FXT300 Cast Iron
FXT300 Cast Iron
FXT700 Stainless Steel
FXT700 Stainless Steel
Contact us to learn more about steam traps for a wide range of applications.
Yarway™ Steam Traps
Contact us to learn more about steam traps for a wide range of applications.
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