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AMS 2140 Impact Hammers
Impact Hammer
Impact hammers help determine resonance frequencies of machines, machine foundations, and other structures.
Impact testing with a modal/impact hammer determines the presence of resonant frequencies, structural cracks, and dynamic stiffness. The hammer’s mass, cushioning, and impact velocity shape the impulse waveform to determine the frequency range.
AMS 2140 Impact Hammers


1, 3, or 12 lbs
Frequency Range
8 kHz, 1 kHz, or 0.5 kHz
Resonance Frequency
31 kHz, 12 kHz, or 2.7 kHz


  • Includes multiple tips to tailor hammer to your specific application.
  • The 1 lb hammer tests medium structures such as turbine or fan blades and machine parts and low and medium frequencies.
  • The 3 lb hammer tests medium and heavy structures such as motor/pump combinations and bearing pedestals at low and medium frequencies.
  • The 12 lb hammer tests very heavy structures such as paper machines and machine foundations.