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AMS Machinery Manager
AMS Machinery Manager integrates multiple predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health across different types of mechanical assets in your facility.
The modular technology applications incorporate diagnostic and reporting sources into a common database for analysis of machinery health across the entire plant. New releases are available at no charge to customers with Guardian Support.
AMS Machinery Manager


Supported Operating Systems
Servers: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter. Workstations: Windows 10 Professional, Windows 7 Professional SP1, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise
Server/Portable Systems: 1.83 GHz Dual Core or better, 2 GB of RAM or more. Server/Online Systems: Server-class 2.33 GHz Dual Core or better, 2 GB of RAM or more. Workstations: 1.5 GHz or better, 2 GB of RAM or more
Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol)
Internet Explorer 7 or later
Screen Resolution
XGA (1024 x 768) or better


  • New Dashboard and Navigation tool – easily identify assets with declining health, data collection routes overdue, and quickly launch in context for analysis.
  • Database size increased from 2 to 32GB – archive data less frequently and combine previously archived databases for easy long-term data comparison.
  • Database schema conversion – When upgrading to AMS Machinery Manager v6.3, you will need to update the schema of databases that were created prior to AMS Machinery Manager v6.3. In an effort to make this process as easy as possible, Emerson has created an automated database schema converter tool to convert databases found within the installation media.
  • Increased security with updated MS Access Database – .accdb format removes previous Microsoft Access related security concerns.
  • Analysis bookmarks – Mark a data plot for quick reference and follow-up from the Dashboard.
  • Increased Alert Limit sets from 512 to 2048 – Make alarms actionable by statistically tuning them to how the machine actually runs. Customers can now view their alarms no matter their location with Plantweb Optics.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud deployment support for AMS 2140’s – Access AMS Machinery Manager with multiple users in the cloud from anywhere. Please note: cloud setups are only supported for use with Microsoft Azure and the AMS 2140 at this time.