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DeltaV SIS

Modular and distributed approach to integrated safety instrumented system while taking advantage of the intelligence of smart instrumentation.

Reduce headaches with modern, smart, modular logic solvers.

Reduce headaches with modern, smart, modular logic solvers.

Each CSLS provides redundant safety logic processing and communication to up to 96 channels of configurable I/O. A redundant pair of CSLSs communicates over a redundant ethernet safety network with up to 15 other CSLSs, allowing great flexibility and ease of system expansion. Electronic Marshalling with LS-CHARMs (Logic Solver Characterization Module) technology helps reduce complexity and provides a very small system footprint.

How It Works

No Complex Marshalling

The DeltaV SIS system Electronic Marshalling delivers the flexibility to add I/O anywhere in the plant without the need of Marshalling cabinets, saving not only space but reducing engineering design and drawings. In case of late changes, there is no need for redesigning or rewiring cabinets. Now you can accommodate late project changes without adding extra costs or impacting start-up schedule.
The CHARM technology brings flexibility that allows field wiring of any signal type to be terminated anywhere. A LS-CHARM is simply a single-channel component with an A/D converter and signal characterizer inserted onto the terminal block where field wires are landed. Simply click the proper LS-CHARM into place and connect a particular signal. There is no need to group wiring by signal type. If a field issue damaging the LS-CHARM, the impact is limited to that particular LS-CHARM.
Intrinsically safe (IS) LS-CHARMs allow intrinsically safe circuitry for field wiring into hazardous areas, including Zone 1, Zone 0 or Class 1 Div1. IS CHARMs deliver a reduced footprint and eliminate the need for separate barriers and the associated inter-cabinet wiring. Meets IEC Ex ia ratings. Available IS LS-CHARMs signal types are: IS AI 4-20mA HART, IS DI NAMUR, IS RTD as well IS TC.
The DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling, although a totally new platform, brings advantages of proven technology from the SLS1508 platform: diagnostic handling, deterministic scan, and SIF based approach, in tandem with the Electronic Marshalling technology