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Aperio Marine Controllers
rosemount controllers
When you trust the heart of your system, you can operate with full confidence.
Emerson controllers, part of the PD 600 system provides accurate calculations and control of your I/O modules. When mounted, communication is automatically enabled through the Light-Link interface. Power is applied to all devices on the same rail by a common power bar. Mounting, connection, replacement and addition of devices is simple. Controllers can work independently of the workstations to carry out functions.
Aperio Marine Controllers


Ethernet, Light-Link, Modbus, P-NET. (Depending on model)
DIN rail


  • Mounting, connection, replacement and addition of the following devices are simplified:
  • 1) DIN rail mounting, 2) Light-Link, 3) Real time clock with battery back-up, 4) Built-in replaceable lithium battery, 5) LED state indicators, 6) Low power consumption, 7) Automatic checksum control of program memory after each reset.
  • The controller software includes system application and a number of standardized software applications tailored for a marine automation system:
  • Alarm, Tank, Exhaust, Draft, Trim and Heel Product.
  • The controllers are the heart of the system. They are used for overall calculation and control of input / output from the IO modules.
  • The controller software includes system and software applications tailored for marine automation platforms.
  • Robust design built for harsh marine operation Meets requirements for all major industry classifications Part of the Integrated Control and Monitoring System
  • Engineered by specialist devoted to the marine industry