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Rosemount™ OCA 51 Overflow Alarm Cabinet
rosemount oca 51 overflow alarm cabinet
Safeguarding your LNG carrier against potential spillage penalties is vital for safe and profitable operation.
The main connection point in the Rosemount OFC High Level and Overfill Alarm system is the Rosemount OCA 51 Overflow Alarm Cabinet. The cabinet provides the power and communication interface to the Rosemount radar gauges as well as relay outputs for safety shutdown systems and auxiliary alarm announcers.
Rosemount™ OCA 51 Overflow Alarm Cabinet


Enclosure Rating
600 x 1250 x 300 mm
50 kg


  • Centerpiece of the Rosemount TankRadar® OFC system, delivering timely and accurate alarm information.
  • Provides two independent alarm channels, one for high level alarm and one for overfill alarm.
  • Meets requirements for all major marine classification societies.
  • Engineered to withstands harsh marine conditions deck-side.