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OpenEnterprise™ SCADA Systems
OE v3.2 Image
OpenEnterprise v3 is a SCADA platform designed for remote oil and gas applications where data integrity and uptime are essential over complex communications networks, enabling you to improve productivity, enterprise integration, reliability, and profitability.
By linking operations with back office business systems, OpenEnterprise unlocks process data and transforms the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Your remote oil and gas operations are easier, safer, and more productive.


  • Reduced system management costs and resources
  • Reduced maintenance and migration costs with support for a mixture of legacy and current hardware
  • Ease of integration with business systems
  • Improved business processes and access to data
  • Industry standard protocols and interfaces (DNP3, OPC, etc.)
  • Native AMS Device Manager interface
  • DeltaV™ RTU Connect solution
  • EFM data export to FLOWCAL and PGAS and FLOWCAL CFX export for both gas and liquids
  • VMWare® virtualization
  • Field equipment asset modeling and data abstraction
  • Powerful Action Engine automates a wide range of system administration and data management tasks
  • Open Database access via SQL, ODBC and OPC supports most business systems