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Innovative process instrumentation and smart measurement devices especially designed for the Pulp & Paper and Process Industries.
Satron Instruments


Consistency Transmitters
Next generation optical consistency transmitter
Multi-Application Sensors
Serving many needs including Freeness, Kappa, Shives, and Brightness measurements
Consistency Samplers
Designed for controlled and safe sampling of pulp slurry


  • Satron VCT Consistency Transmitter: Uses the latest optical consistency transmitter technology to replace old mechanical transmitters and offers reliable product excellence to fit many mill applications.
  • Satron VCF: Proprietary LED strobe measuring technique to measure freeness using the strobe’s multi-wavelength response from the furnish. The VCF can be used in many applications, where lab samples can be drawn, and the measurement results can be correlated to the laboratory determined freeness values.
  • Satron VCK: An optical instrument that uses the latest LED based strobe light technique to measure the Kappa by utilizing multiple wavelengths.
  • Satron VCB: A multichannel optical Brightness transmitter, suitable for Brightness measurement in a majority of the chemical and mechanical pulp, recycled and paper machine applications.
  • Satron SAVE Consistency Sampler: SAVE has been designed for controlled and safe sampling of pulp slurry. SAVE’s head is shaped and dimensioned to ensure a representative sample. The sampler head is inserted deep into the process pipe, past the water layer flowing along the pipe wall.