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Fisher™ Type P650 Cable Actuators
Type P650 Cables are the primary cable control for remote operation of all 1-1/4, 2, and 3-inch Fisher internal valves.
Assembly includes two fusible links, a return spring, a 20-foot / 6,1 m cable, two-cable clamps, a connector and a machine screw. The cable systems can also be used on stationary storage tanks at bulk plants and on in-line applications to increase safety during transfer operations.
Fisher™ Type P650 Cable Actuators


Available Configurations
Type P650: Primary cable control assembly for 2 or 3-inch disc valves, 20 feet / 6,1 m cable, two fuse links & hardware
Type P651: Primary cable control only
Approximate Weight
Type P650: 5 Pounds / 2 kg
Type P651: 3 Pounds / 1 kg


  • Capable of Actuating all Fisher Internal Valves, except Type C404-32 4" single flange model
  • Primary Control without any other Accessories; order Type P651
  • 4, 5, 6-inch Travel Options within single P650 unit, depending upon the requirement of the Internal Valve?s Operating Lever
  • Included in P650 primary control: 20-foot / 6,1 m cable, Two Type P134 fusible links, return spring and mounting hardware