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Westlock Controls, a leader in the valve automation controls business.
Complete line of products from valve monitoring devices, on/off devices, network solution devices, position transmitters and positioners. Products are designed to work seamlessly with both on/off and modulating valves and actuators to help improve performance and safety.
Westlock Controls


Integrated solution for the monitoring of process valves by combining switches/sensors, wiring terminals, enclosures and local visual indication in one compact unit
Valve control monitors combines the capability of valve monitoring and control of automation process valves with integrated position sensors and low power energy solenoid valves in a single unit
Solenoid valve engineered specifically to address low power valve actuation requirements
Industrial control field Network Control Monitors use embedded control systems to automate valves and link field I/O to the host PLC or DCS
Digital EPIC
Digital control transmitters provide continuous feedback of a valve position integrated with valve position and control monitors in a stand-alone unit
Smart digital positioners deliver reliable and effective control for both rotary and linear action valves


  • Suitable for demanding applications including weatherproof and hazardous situations
  • Designed for both on/off and modulating valves and actuators to help improve both performance and safety
  • Corporate global reputation for providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves
  • Market leading Position Transmitter that offers HART 7 Protocol and includes simple push button calibration, non-contact position sensor, diagnostic data, position feedback, and cycle count to facilitate proactive maintenance practices