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TESCOM™ ER5k Kits Electropneumatic Motor Actuator Regulator
Provides a complete pressure control system to get you up and running with minimum effort.
All components of the kit are completely assembled, professionally plumbed together, and tested for proper operation. Kit configuration is mounted on a panel or in an enclosure. Saves money and setup time.
TESCOM™ ER5k Kits Electropneumatic Motor Actuator Regulator


Kit (assembled on plate or in enclosure) includes
ER5000FI-1, pressure reducing regulator (Flow booster, DK dome loaded, DK air loaded, 26-2000 air loaded) OR back pressure regulator (54-2100 air loaded or 26-1700 air loaded)
4-20 mA Feedback Transducer, ER supply regulator with relief valve, all connections and fittings, electrical Junction Box
Documentation Package Includes
ER5000 User Kit: ER5000 Getting Started Manual, ER5000 User Support Software & Manual CD
ER5K Kit Manual: Operating Manual, regulator drawing and wiring diagram


  • Complete automated pressure control system, pre-assembled and tested, ready for use
  • Closed loop control provides precise accuracy
  • TESCOM's ERTune program included for setup, tuning, and data acquisition
  • Set-up Wizard loads PID parameters for quicker start-up
  • Captured venting with 26-2000 and DK Series - ideal for liquid applications
  • Venting regulator with gauge and relief valve for ER supply