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Front End Engineering & Design

Front End Engineering & Design

Proper front end engineering and design can lay the groundwork for well-engineered, on-site and on-budget projects. As part of pre-project planning, FEED is early design work done after conceptual business planning and prior to detailed design. Control Southern can provide a turnkey solution that includes FEED, equipment selection, commissioning services, and implementation and operational capabilities. Control Southern’s capabilities and experience are especially valuable when the stakes are high. Our experienced project management, engineering, and single point of accountability for the entire instrumentation and automation system can make a crucial difference.

At Control Southern, we have the right technology, consultants, and expertise to help you create the right solutions!
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Whether it's a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study to justify an improvement project, or consulting for overall throughput improvements, our experts apply their process knowledge to accomplish your objectives.

Leverage our deep process expertise
Make better decisions with an understanding of choice implications
Improve overall plant outcomes